River & South Review is published bi-annually in Summer (May) and Winter (December).

SUMMER 2016: Poetry Feature

Advice by Sandy Coomer
Laundry by Sandy Coomer
The Sculptor by Thomas Piekarski
Lines by Bob Stout
About Destruction by Katie Thompson
[In my fairy tale life] by Julene Tripp Weaver
No Hiding Place by Mantz Yorke

WINTER 2015 

The Shattered Galaxy by Justin Chasteen   
Fall by Olivia Konopka
excerpt from The Art of My Life by Ann Lee Miller 

Washing Dishes by Suzanne Cherry

Fatality by Catherine Breault
Hello Houdini by Jenna Clancy
What the Poem Can't Do by Sally DeJesus
Mongkok Street, Hong Kong by Kassie Lamoreaux
September 23rd by Merrell Miles
Class of by Anthony Ragler
Should by Chris Rodriguez
in a dream once by Ivy Sanzone
Each Leaf by Carol Christy White

SUMMER 2015: Poetry Feature

Independence by Merrell Miles
Exchange Street Afternoon by Stephen McGuinness
Longwood House by Robert Halleck
Punta Sur by Art Heifetz
My Rolling Void by Lyon Kennedy
Black ornaments by Barbara Brooks
A Fancy by Valentina Cano


Washoe County, NV by Alan Coats
Nothing by Liz Carroll
The Virgin by Millie Tullis

Creative Nonfiction
Bicycle by James Jaskolka

Childhood Christmas by Danny P. Barbare
Finishing Touch by John Simonds
India: Diwali by Jude Cowan Montague
Scavenger Hunts by Kaylee Pratt
My Lover Today by Kaylee Pratt


That's Twice Now by Leah Christianson
Fading by Sherri Ellerman
Mr. and Mrs. Barrow by Brandon Madden
When Harry Met Sydney by Walter Pierce
The Glance by Alexander Pyles
Finals by Khristian Smith

Creative Nonfiction
The Wedding by Shiv Dutta
Milkweed Butterflies by Mary Lu Perham

WHIPPER SNAPPERS by Shareen Knight
Twelve by Bailey Bloyd
Uncle Archie by Iain Macdonald
A Month of Masks by Katherine Yets
Raptor by Wendy Ingersoll


Woman in a Tree by Alex Austin
The Honolulu Mermaid by Michael M. Pacheco
The Wanderer by Vito Racanelli
The Bofors by Kevin Tosi 

Creative Nonfiction
The Pottery Barn Look by Wes Adamson
Better Late Than Never by Kelly Butler
Sound by Jacquelyn Mixon
The Man Who Hated Dogs by Jean Venable 

Secrets (at sixty) by George Bishop
Two Poems by Frank De Canio
Two Poems by Gene Goldfarb
all that glitters by Jennifer MacBain-Stephens
Thinking About God by Peter Schaller
Two Poems by Emily Strauss
Two Poems by Charles Thielman
Two Poems by Jessica Williams 

SUMMER 2013  

Letterbox by J.R. Rogers
Practice Baby by Yong Takahashi
Hanging On by Bill Vernon 

Creative Nonfiction
A Year in Review by Sarah Karpovich 

Crystal Vases by Brad Garber
Inheritance by Brad Garber
Searching For Spring by Kathryn Jacobs
Speed Dating by Justin Maki
Roberta Had a Dream by Anthony Mariani
Rotation by Anthony Mariani
Moving On by Deborah Purdy
Storm Warnings by Deborah Purdy
Rogers and Me by Connolly Ryan